Branding sources of inspiration
Most of our branding projects evolve through a process where we go out and gather references and inspiration in order to come up with a brilliant solution. There is no exact formula or solution, inspiration from a project can come from anywhere. Each creative has a different set of rules and cultural background that ends up in a different outcome. When combining those outcomes with a precise work direction, a great solution comes up.

In the case of our project for Nación, a multi-purpose real-estate development project located in Monterrey — Mexico, we needed visual references that would help us build a brand around an idea of belonging to a community with a feeling of pride through the product.

Among our search for references, we stumbled upon "Eltono", a recognized international public street artist who had done work in Tampiquito, a popular neighborhood very near our Monterrey studio in San Pedro Garza García. His experience with interventions in urban areas with positive impact in the community made us look into the details of his work. While looking through Eltono's projects we found one done in 2011 for the Outomatic festival in Leuven — Belgium in collaboration with "Momo".

As mentioned on the project's website: "The best part of this for me was the system we came up with to generate numerous related, but unique designs. It was a large puzzle of thick cardboard with alternating parts that acted as a stencil as parts were removed." we took the idea of the alternating elements to come up with a pattern that would be unique to the Nación project.
When combining the concept with visual elements and symbols from flags and official governmental papers, through a simplification and remixing process using bright, fun colors we ended up with a modern looking brand communicating a feeling of community.

Nación branding project:

Eltono website:

Outomatic project website:

*Anagrama contacted Eltono prior to considering his work as a reference for our Nación project.
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