— We Love Letterheads
The grid is one of the fundamental pillars of a brand system. We are fans of grid based design and firmly believe that its good use makes a visual, memorable & effective communication difference. There are many types of grids and the challenge is always to choose the most suitable for each project. This decision may depend on many variants such as market type, segmentation and industry.

One of the brand components where you can witness clear grid applications include letterheads. This document, part of the basic brand collateral, supports the contact and communication with customers through the exchange of documents, contracts and writings.
In the letterheads universe, In addition to the grid, it's possible to play with elements such as metallic finishes, embossings, special inks, material selection and of course typefaces. All this corresponds to a collateral system previously defined in the branding stage of the project.

This collection summarizes some examples of our work over the last years.
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