Consistency in a brand. Element of success.
A brand is more than a simple company logo. Instead, a set of associations that consumers have in relation to your product, company, or service, seems more likely to define what a true brand is. One of the most important aspects that make the difference between a simple brand and an excellent brand is its consistency.

Al and Laura Ries present this as one of “The 22 Immutable Laws of Branding”. The Law of Consistency, as they say is the most frequently violated law. These are a few of the ideas that they include in this chapter:

As technology evolves, communication grows and markets change; many might think brands should also change. Truth be told! Once a brand is out, it occupies a folder in the consumers mind. This folder includes the characteristics that were grown once the brand was first introduced on the market. This is why the essential characteristics of a brand should never change. “Markets may change, but brands shouldn’t. Ever.”

They present perfect examples of this:
No .1 Tanqueray is a gin, so why would consumers buy Tanqueray vodka? If they wanted vodka, they should buy Absolut, Stolichnaya, or Smirnoff.

No. 2 Jack Daniel’s beer? Another silly idea that went nowhere.

No. 3 How can Volvo, a brand that built its reputation on safety, introduce a convertible? It doesn’t make any sense.

One of our own examples for this law is Theurel & Thomas: a consistent brand throughout the whole experience of knowing, buying, and finally consuming or in this case enjoying the product.

Let me tell you more on how this works for us:
Perhaps a consumers first encounter with the brand was when they saw T&T’s logo, this logo reflects elegance, simplicity, and a touch of brightness. Those are the characteristics that are now in their folder labeled: “Theurel & Thomas”. The next step might be to visit Theurel & Thomas, what should those consumers find there? Easy, they find elegance, simplicity and a touch of brightness. Those are exactly the characteristics this store has. Finally when the consumer gets to the products this brand represents, the French pastries, they find elegance, simplicity and a touch of delicious brightness.
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