— Catalina Fernández
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Catalina Fernandez is a high end pastry boutique established in San Pedro, Mexico.

The concept in which the store's interiors were based is the brand's origin. It started in 1988 as a home based bakery and ended up as a successful pastry shop.

In order to give the store a look similar to a warehouse/kitchen, we used packages of sugar, flour, and yeast and placed them all over the store. To benefit from the stores tall ceilings we designed a vertical structure with shelves above the refrigerators.
The brick wall with white enamel is meant to make the store look impeccable, as well as old fashioned, so there would be an interesting contrast between the worn out bricks and the modern furnishings, with all simple and geometrical shapes.

The goal was to create a place that even 20 years later would still capture the eye of people walking by with its imposing lighting and simple props.

Besides the architectural project, we also developed the brand's identity. To see more about the branding project click here.
Store interiors
Light box including props referring to shop ingredients
Hand-painted over brick wall
Ingredient props
Hand-painted over brick wall
Store interiors with custom made floating chandelier for CF
Detail for brick / gold foil wallpaper / ceiling with subtle interior lighting
Cashier view with two product displays on the back
Ceiling perspective showing store lighting with floating chandelier
Zoom into hand-painted wall with golden wallpaper on the back
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