— Driven
Corporate branding
Driven is an automotive technology development center established by the “Cluster Automotriz de Nuevo León ( CLAUT )” in affiliation with leading sector companies such as Nemak, Metalsa, Quimmco, John Deere & Caterpillar. These companies perform team work fabricating and assembling automotive parts. Driven was created in Mexico as a way to invest in equipment for research, technological development and future innovation for products, processes and human resources for the automotive industry.
We developed an identity with a custom made logotype. We started our work with a dotted pattern, hierarchies and reticulated arrangements in order to attain harmonic informational structure and simplicity in the brand's graphic language. Our work for this brand distinguishes itself through the dotted pattern applications in each material symbolising the teamwork and precision of manufacturing processes that make Driven unique.
Identity dotted pattern base
Business cards
Business cards
Mail envelope
Brand collateral
Annual report
Annual report
Annual report
Security vest
Content manual
Annual report packaging detail
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