— Salvatierra
Product branding
Salvatierra is a brand specializing in producing premium organic goods from several Latin American countries and distributing them to South Korea's eager food lovers. The products range from coffee to sugar to delicious and diverse cooking oils.

Our design proposal uses flag icons to exalt the product's origins and gold foil to express it's premium quality. The logo depicts a pair of hands holding an abstract item, a mixture of snowflake and plant that makes allusion to nature, while the letter S helps tie the overall look of the logo with the brand's name.
In Spanish, the name Salvatierra translates to "Earth Saver", so the logotype symbolizes the brand's commitment to nature and conservation as well as to the delivery of a product of supreme quality. We used a simple typography to dignify the text and to finish rounding up the brand's premium nature.

Our proposal is simple, destined to strongly stand out in its simplicity and cleanliness against overwhelming and noisy Asian packaging that dominates South Korea's market aisles. The design is transparent and honest, meant to be exceedingly clear over what is being bought.
Promotional cup
Product tags
Sesame oil packaging
Oil product line
Promo shirt
Coffee packaging
Paper bag
Coffe & promotional objects
Oil packaging label detail
Envelope with coffee-like texture
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